The Launch!


FLOURISH  Diane Krys, 2013, rug hooking,knitting, needle felting

A few encouraging words can go a long way. The launch of this new blog is proof. I never thought of myself as a writer of any kind and the idea that I would voluntarily want to write seemed as unlikely as suddenly wanting to become a surgeon when I can barely get through a routine blood test. The first time I ever felt compelled to write was after a rug hooking workshop with an artist who’s work captured my imagination. The experience was enlightening and inspiring beyond my expectations. I found words welling up inside me to the point where I had to write to release the flood. I sent her an email and cringed the moment I did at what I fool I was to share such thoughts with someone I barely knew. Clearly, I had lost my mind.

To my great relief she was kind and generous in her reply. Over the next few years we sporadically exchanged a few thoughts and ideas. During one of these lovely, random exchanges, she took me by surprise and asked if I would like to be the first guest writer on her popular rug hooking blog. I don’t think I slept at all the night before my first post was to appear. It turned out to be a wonderful watershed moment and I was delighted to continue as a regular guest writer.

With a few guest posts under my belt I decided to take my first writing workshop. I found myself in the company of a talented Canadian author and instructor. I was a fish out of water and I believe she sensed my apprehensions. She offered to look at a piece of my writing on her lunch break and give me feedback privately. She liked the piece and asked if I would share it with the group the next day. I could feel my face flush and turn red when the time came to read it aloud. My breathing was irregular because I was fighting the staccato creeping into my voice. By the last line I was almost out of breath from trying so hard not to lose my way. Despite this awkwardness, I left the workshop feeling light and effervescent with possibility. A new door opened inside me thanks again to a few words of encouragement.

It’s such a gift when the right people with the right words intersect your life at the right moment. I’m happy to say I continue to write for Deanne Fitzpatrick’s blog on the 10th(ish) of each month and I’m an official Kim Echlin groupie having taken two writing classes with her with hopes to take more when the opportunity presents itself.

I’m a fibre artist, design junkie, and collector of strange beauty. I buy too many art books and I’m fascinated by the creative process. I like good eats, including a never ending pursuit for the best potato pancake and cinnamon bun. I’m a keener for stimulating and creative workshops. I have a constant craving to learn and experience new things. I welcome you to this new chapter in my creative writing journey where I can share all the things that shape the artist I am and will become. I thank you for being here with me as I make my first official post on my new blog and website. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts-I’ll be listening. I’m still figuring out my blogging schedule but I hope you stayed tuned so we can connect again.


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16 thoughts on “The Launch!

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  2. Welcome to Blogdom! I love the way you write…have no clue if it’s “right” or not…it’s just pleasing…happy to have another place to meet you…Carol Zimmerman

  3. Thanks Carol!! I have to admit it’s pretty exciting to get things started. Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. Yes, it is nice to have a few places to meet in cyberspace!

  4. I think you are a spectacular writer! I’ve been told in classes I’ve taken for presenting (somewhat similar to writing but with the additional terror of real people looking at you, real time… LOL) that a couple of “keys” to good presenting (and, as noted, writing) is to convey an almost over-the-top enthusiasm or passion and to know your subject. You clearly have both of these characteristics, along with a way to bring us into your delightful world like we’re right there with you. I especially like your Christmas postings on Deanne’s blog. I just want to sit in your house and enjoy it!!!

    I look forward to this blog and your continuing presence on Deanne’s…. go girl!

  5. Along with your contribution on the 10th, I am delighted to start following your blog, which I’m sure will not only be beautiful but inspiring as well…great work!

  6. Congrats Diane – what a great start! Looking forward to following along. Would love to see more pics of your incredible work. 🙂

  7. Allyson, Thanks for the good wishes and I’m so glad to hear you’ll be following along! I’ll be sure to include more pics as I go and I appreciate your interest in my work.

  8. Are the bodies of your sculptured people created with needle felting? What size are they? I just realized today that the base of this sculpture is hooked!! Awesome! (I got a super zoom-in on the picture here on the blog which is great.) What is the material peeping out on the outside edge – looks like some kind of thin black foam? I have so many questions about the techniques used in this sculpture – how do you create the tubes for the hair? How is the baby in the bunting created? It’s knitted but how did you get the figure-8 shape? LOL…

  9. Hi Janet, yes they are needle felted. The tallest one is about a foot and a half. The outside edge that may look like black foam to you is actually a needle felted border. The details you see on the needle felted sculptures( like the mop top) are knitted. I also have rug hooked details in the craters. The figure eight design is actually stitched. I have this piece in my sculpture gallery and there is a close up photo of just the needle felted sculptures if you’re interested. You know, I never thought of these sculptures as people when I created them but I can certainly see how they could be interpreted this way. It’s wonderful to hear what others find in your work. And I love the “bunting” description you came up with I think I going to adopt that!

  10. Diane, I was searching just for your email to invite you to participate on a panel at The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers next October and what did I find but a new blog! Definitely putting this as a link on my site Your work is inspiring and fun.

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